Becu Routing Number

Becu is Boeing employees’ credit union. Becu has several branches that conduct various financial operations. Branches for visa payments, other loan payments and overnight deposits are located in Seattle and Tukwila cities of Washington State. A branch for mortgage payments is located in Newark, New Jersey.
Becu service includes direct deposits and wire transfers. To make these financial operations with Becu, its account number and branch location where this account was opened are needed. Paychecks of Boeing and other organization’s employees are directly deposited to their savings or checking accounts. Wire transfers can be made by phone or in person in one of Becu branches. If done in person, the money sender should have his photo id and the address of the money receiver.

Routing numbers that are assigned to financial institutions by the American Bankers Association (ABA) are needed for making electronic funds transfers, for processing checks and for making wire transfers and direct deposits. Every bank and financial institution in the United States has its unique nine-digit routing number. Becu routing number is placed on the bottom left corner of the financial institution drawn checks.

Becu is a non-profit financial organization managed by its members. This credit union that consists of 725 thousand members is one of the largest in the U.S. Becu has 43 branch locations throughout Puget Sound, Washington.